Monthly Archives: June 2014

Coffee or Tea

Selecting the right hot beverage in the morning (or the afternoon) can be critical. I don’t know anyone who drinks both coffee and tea; there’s usually a preference. (I do know people who don’t drink either but that’s a topic for another time,)

When my coffee-drinking and cigarette-smoking parents said it was OK for me to drink coffee, I didn’t like the taste and the caffeine made me jittery. No kidding; one cup could wreck my day (or night).

Black tea, the most readily available tea at the time, was a better fit. A Lipton tea bag, boiling water from a tea kettle, and a spoonful of sugar became a fixed part of my routine. This natural sweetener was enough to quell any bitterness and I lost the shakes. (Teas typically have less caffeine than coffees.)  I also could function normally and sleep well.

My spouse has seen the tea light and only drinks a cup of coffee if he is driving a long distance and feeling drowsy (aside: Why do they make coffee so hot that it can burn?) Friends and neighbors who come to visit are invited to have a cup of tea or maybe a glass of water. On my mother’s last visit, she packed a jar of Maxwell House decaf. She knows better than to come empty-handed.

Eventually, as the tea market expanded, I tried green, chai, chamomile, and peppermint teas and even a variety to help me sleep. You can find blogs that try to type your personality based on your tea choices; at least one of these is fairly amusing.  If you crave serious tea information, visit this blog, Second Cuppa.

For me, I will continue to sample new flavors but only as teas.