Practicing Balance

The wonderful building where I work provides free yoga classes at noon and after five on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I first heard about an opportunity to exercise for free, I had to check it out.

One day I slipped into the practice room in street clothes to watch. The instructor seemed reasonable and the class fairly diverse. I could fit in here.

So cautiously, I started coming to class, stretching in new ways, but placing my mat at the back of the room so I could learn. There are some accomplished students – mastering crow, bridge and monkey poses.
Black birds on wire

Feeling a little out of my league, I focused on the instructor’s voice.

“Listen to your body. Maybe you don’t feel like grabbing that foot behind you today. Maybe you just want to stay in savasana, go ahead and lie there like a corpse. It’s OK. You’ve already done the hard work. You’re here with your mat.”

Really? She gave me permission to take it easy. That kind of exercise is a far cry from when my personal trainer told me I wouldn’t achieve anything without running. For me, yoga practice has been the best. I attend regularly now and sometimes I even set my mat closer to the front of the class.

Balance poses are the most troubling; my tree [pose] rarely sways in the wind without falling down. But we laugh; might as well, right?

I get to enjoy humor, oxygen, and better circulation every time I practice. My employer is benefiting too because post-yoga I feel energetic and alert. While I recommend yoga to everyone I know, I suggest that if you give it a go, try not to compare yourself with other students. This isn’t that kind of thing.



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