Retreating from Sensational Pain

Imagine stretching during yoga practice and feeling great and then bending to put on your street clothes and having your back refuse to let you stand upright.

I have had trouble with my lower back off and on through the last few years so I certainly didn’t think yoga practice was the problem. But I stayed away from practice, primarily because I couldn’t stand to sit in my car for the 30-minute commute to the office. Slowly, I regained flexibility and eventually felt so good that I paid for a weekend yoga retreat that included writing exercises and gluten-free food! This was a big deal because I don’t spend money easily and I have never been on a retreat.

Seems as if a lot of the people I know share that attitude: they were not interested in spending $ on something so foreign. So I reached out to a long-time friend who I have been out of touch with for way too long.  Turned out that Teri, who also is a writer, practices yoga and … the most critical part … was willing to make the financial commitment.

So we were both very excited and then my back went out again.

Should I stay or should I go? I didn’t want my investment to go to waste. The drive to the east Texas lodge was only about an hour and a half but I really couldn’t drive. Teri graciously agreed to be the chauffeur.

So you are wondering if I just lay in savasana all weekend? No, I did not. The practice included restorative yoga (yes!), yoga nidra and poses that I eased into as best I could. At the end of the weekend, which also included much wine drinking, I sobered up and felt well enough to drive back home. IMG_1281

If this happens again, I’m going to a back doctor but I will not stop practicing yoga because it helps.



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