Supernatural Mysteries


Have you ever read something that dynamically changed the way you think? Recently I have and now I want to share it with everyone.

My daughter is a freshman in college and her psychology professor added “Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue” by Neale Donald Walsch to the syllabus. She purchased the book early at full price because she was worried it may not be available once the reading began in earnest. Her haste was not because this is a new release; she just likes being prepared.

I saw the white cover with an intriguing title and asked if I might read it. “Sure,” she said.

Not having heard of this book before I had no preconceived ideas. My mind was open to all of the possibilities. The premise is that the author was writing an angry letter to God, full of questions. When he stopped, God took over his hand and began writing the answers.

One of the more mind expanding ideas in “Conversations” is that humans keep re-living life until they get it right. When they are satisfied, they are ready to join God.

You can find a lot of online discussion about the veracity of the claims made in this book. I don’t know if they’re true but I feel lighter having read them. I believe in God and that he has a Son and that there is a Holy Spirit. I read the Bible but I’m no scholar and at times I feel that I’m not getting the message. This book put everything in a contemporary context and felt more relevant.

Then I found out that there are two more volumes.

After my daughter finished with the book for class, I asked if I could buy it from her. I found the other books in the series and gifted all three to my brother. (I didn’t know until we, as adults, were driving back home after my uncle’s funeral that my brother accepted Jesus as his savior in Las Vegas as I had done, many years ago.) Of all the people I could have given the books to, his name stood out.

When he’s finished reading, I want to talk about the ideas in the book. Of course, he’ll need to loan back the two volumes I still need to read. And then I want us to pass them on — because it’s comforting to think that God provides all the answers and he has a sense of humor.

You’ll just need to read the book(s).


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