A Show-Off Flower in the Rose Vase

My husband has a knack for finding good deals. I love him for this.

Last Sunday was no exception. He purchased a bouquet that included red roses, baby’s breath, unopened lilies and some netting. Quickly discarding the netting, he arranged two vases. One for his lovely Mother who he was visiting that day and one for me. We have had several conversations and he knows that I am NOT his mother. But I can enjoy flowers like one.

My Not-My-Mother flowers sit on the window counter right above the kitchen sink so I can’t miss them. The roses are what I would call true red but the lilies were not in bloom so their color served as greenery. I recalled that I don’t appreciate the way lilies smell (there are worse smelling flowers) but tried not to think about it. After a little while, you know, as you go about your day, the flowers inevitably became an invisible fixture, something like the toaster.

Until mid-week that is. The only lily of the bunch opened, screaming “LOOK AT ME” with its flamboyant pink color, delicate rippled-edged petals and hefty anthers supported by slender green filaments. I didn’t even notice any odor.

Wow. What a show and what a treat. I think the roses are a bit envious.





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