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Cleaning Up Consequences

Will life be less beautiful without the green shade banker’s lamp purchased for a Christmas production at a church I no longer attend? Or without the black sheer scarf from Singapore with iridescent rainbow-colored threads running along its five feet?

Will the weight of the memories attached to these things be lighter or disappear altogether once they are discarded? (Like the tree that falls in an empty forest.) Or will they birth new meaning for new owners in new forms?

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Sizing It All Up


It fits!

I recently found a bra that fits me well. This may seem like a simple thing, but it took a lot of time and effort to get to this point. Read on!

The Cal State Fullerton Treatment Room


I have a successful dental practice in a relatively remote location in Northwest Arkansas — a resort-retirement community. My office has three treatment rooms, each one decorated with pleasant pictures, to put patients at ease. The Cal State Fullerton room pays homage to my undergraduate years and I still follow this school’s sports teams online, especially baseball.

One day, Preston was welcomed to this shrine. He asked if I’d gone to school there and when. He shared that he had grown up there knowing another “Bushay.” Before we knew it, he was making a connection to my family. Continue reading