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Culture and Respect

I know of an American widow who travels regularly to Afghanistan to help people who live there.

Her hair is gray, too.

But when she walks into a room of young people, they all stand up. Their respect is real; she has survived to an age that most of them will not. The World Health Rankings  say that people of Afghanistan can expect to live to about 60. In the US, life expectancy is closer to 80, particularly for women.

I like thinking of gray hair as something to desire rather than something to fear.



A moment

I have struggled with my feelings about my gray hair since I was in my mid-20s. The cost of coloring, the mess, the impact on the environment. Especially the way I looked between colorings.

One day I went to my colorist and he refused to apply chemical because not enough of the old color had grown out. After some consultation, we agreed to cut it all off.  Now I was gray with silver highlights.



Very short hair was something I had always wanted to do but stopped short because of what the people around me wanted.

Taking that simple step has made me feel free. And ‘those people’ have come to accept it. I haven’t used hair color since that day but I have let it grow longer, and could cut it short again on a whim.

realizing it's OK to be gray By LK

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