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A Show-Off Flower in the Rose Vase

My husband has a knack for finding good deals. I love him for this.

Last Sunday was no exception. He purchased a bouquet that included red roses, baby’s breath, unopened lilies and some netting. Quickly discarding the netting, he arranged two vases. One for his lovely Mother who he was visiting that day and one for me. We have had several conversations and he knows that I am NOT his mother. But I can enjoy flowers like one.

My Not-My-Mother flowers sit on the window counter right above the kitchen sink so I can’t miss them. The roses are what I would call true red but the lilies were not in bloom so their color served as greenery. I recalled that I don’t appreciate the way lilies smell (there are worse smelling flowers) but tried not to think about it. After a little while, you know, as you go about your day, the flowers inevitably became an invisible fixture, something like the toaster.

Until mid-week that is. The only lily of the bunch opened, screaming “LOOK AT ME” with its flamboyant pink color, delicate rippled-edged petals and hefty anthers supported by slender green filaments. I didn’t even notice any odor.

Wow. What a show and what a treat. I think the roses are a bit envious.





Time to Embrace your RBF


By Melinda Y.

I used to be offended when someone called me a snob or told me I was unapproachable. But now I really don’t care.  I’ve learned to accept the fact that I have a condition called Resting Bitch Face or RBF.

This condition is found in women around the world and while some try to correct it, I’ve learned to use it to my advantage. Rather than overcompensate by adding smiley faces to every email, plastering a big fake smile on my face when meeting someone new or laughing at every little joke in the workplace, I let my face be.

Yes, that sounds bitchy, I know.  In my life of 70-hour work weeks, a daily 2-hour commute, swim team, early morning UIL competitions, single parenting teenagers, OCD cleaning tendencies and marathon training, my time is limited. I am an introvert so forcing myself to be friendly with people who don’t really care is not something I go out of my way to do. This isn’t about being mean, it’s about being real.

Do you wonder if you might have RBF? Chances are you do if you been the focus of these unsolicited remarks:

  1. Smile! We hear this from strangers without any warning. I should add that their reason for smiling is rarely one that I find smile-worthy.
  2. I thought you were a snob. Because we are naturally more reserved or quiet around people we don’t know, we get this comment all the time.
  3. You look so mad all the time. Chances are we have a million things on our minds and your perception of our lack of ‘smiley-ness’ is not a top priority.
  4. Wow, you’re actually really nice. This is usually said after the other person has taken 5 minutes to get to know us.
  5. Show some emotion. Women often are seen as cute and vulnerable when they cry at a sappy movie or a hurt puppy. For those of us with RBF, our reactions are different. We act rather than react.

So if you have RBF or you know someone who does, keep in mind that with this person:

If you get a smile, it is genuine.

If you get a laugh, you’re truly funny.

If we show emotion, it is heartfelt and should be taken seriously.

If you make a friend, you’ve got a loyal, hard-core woman in your court.

We are the women who don’t let emotions run our lives. There is nothing wrong or bitchy about that.

God’s Garden

So here’s what showed up in my backyard garden this week.


It was in a far corner, directly opposite from where I planted lettuce seeds last spring. It is January, albeit in Texas, but it’s still January. We are under water restrictions and I have not been out to visit the garden since I covered it over with wire mesh to keep the falling leaves out. Must have been sometime in October.

I’m taking this as a sign that I need to sow new seeds indoors and plant them earlier this year.

By LK 

How the Texas sun, a friendly ride and a $20 bill lifted me up


Relocating to Texas was a bigger deal than I bargained for.

My heart brought me here, twice. The first time it was for a relationship. The second time it was to leave a relationship and come home.

But coming home is harder when you come alone. And when you feel broke(en).

Back then, I had a good job but the lawyer and the move back were costly. And there was some debt that had built up on the cards. So I picked up a weekend job that helped me make some headway for these accounts.

I didn’t realize until I was driving the wrong way down a one way street at midnight that I was reaching my limit to cope. I wouldn’t have realized I was going the wrong way because there was no traffic at that hour. But the police did.

I lost it. I started spilling all the raw details of my life and the officer listened, gave me a warning and told me to be careful getting home.

That’s just the backstory.

At the end of the shift at my weekday job, a colleague said he was going to the outlet stores in San Marcos to buy a wedding gift for a mutual friend.

Would I like to go? Would I? Yes, I would like to go somewhere with someone and not have to drive and not have to be so responsible for everything every minute.

So we headed south as the sun was going down and the sunset was magnificent. The weather was starting to turn and I had put on a jacket I hadn’t worn since winter. I was a little worried about dinner, like I didn’t want to be a burden, you know?

My hands started getting colder so I stuffed them into the pockets. I felt some paper in the right one and pulled it out. Imagine my surprise when I found a $20 bill! Immediately I offered to pay for dinner, feeling richer than anyone should on a short trip with the sun setting in Texas.


Legendary Tale Teller

He just said his name was “Boots.”

The walking tour guide, eyes smiling, despite the oppressive heat at 7 p.m. shared the tragic deaths of ordinary people:

  • the gentleman who wouldn’t pay the barber for his shave so the sheriff shot him,
  • the little girl who fell to her death while watching the circus parade into town,
  • the patients of an incompetent town doctor, and
  • so many more.

Granbury Ghost Tour Guide

Their spirits haunt Granbury, Texas. You can ask anyone in town; everyone seems to have had an encounter or two.

But Boots has a way of sharing that is mysterious, mischievous and downright entertaining.

Hats off to you, Boots.