Shaky Leg Triumph

By Jan K.

Pyramid of the Sun

I’VE BEEN AFRAID of heights my whole life. My earliest memory of this dates back to third grade. My school’s third through sixth grade classrooms were on the second floor of an 1890’s era building in the Midwest, with a basement that rose several feet above ground level.

For an eight-year-old, those two-and-a-half stories seemed as high as the Empire State Building. Fire drills were done on a regular basis. The fire drill route from this classroom was out a window and down the two and a half floors on a wrought iron fire escape on the outside of the building.

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How Switching Careers Changed My Life

By Leo K.
career switch makes leo lighter
I WAS MAKING GOOD MONEY in 2008 as a network administrator. I received an offer from another company that would have bumped my earnings significantly. I turned it down.

My career wasn’t satisfying like it once was. And more money, I reasoned, wouldn’t make it better. The treadmill of industry certifications, the nights on call, the high-pressure environment and the overall lack of fulfillment had taken their toll. Continue reading

Legendary Tale Teller


He just said his name was “Boots.”  Granbury Ghost Tour Guide

The walking tour guide, eyes smiling, despite the oppressive heat at 7 p.m. shared the tragic deaths of ordinary people:

  • the gentleman who wouldn’t pay the barber for his shave so the sheriff shot him,
  • the little girl who fell to her death while watching the circus parade into town,
  • and the patients of an incompetent town doctor.

Their spirits haunt Granbury, Texas. You can ask anyone in town; everyone seems to have had an encounter or two.

But Boots has a way of sharing that is mysterious, mischievous and downright entertaining.

Hats off to you, Boots.



Gary the Garage Door Repairman

ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is doable


YOU NEVER KNOW what you might find out about a person until you just listen.

This 6-ft tall gentleman wore a long-sleeved shirt and Wrangler jeans. He was more leg than anything and the wrinkles on his face were like grooves. But he still had quite a bit of hair.

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My Moment…

By Tony W.

FOR ME, IT WAS the moment I realized that I was going to have to change the thought process I went through each morning as I prepared for the day.

You see, for as long as I could remember I had been looking at myself in the mirror and thinking something along the lines of, “Yeah, you still look pretty good.” But actually that was code for “You don’t look old yet.” (Even in my thoughts I didn’t want to use the “O” word.)

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Coffee or Tea


Selecting the right hot beverage in the morning (or the afternoon) can be critical. I don’t know anyone who drinks both coffee and tea; there’s usually a preference. (I do know people who don’t drink either but that’s a topic for another time,)

When my coffee-drinking and cigarette-smoking parents said it was OK for me to drink coffee, I didn’t like the taste and the caffeine made me jittery. No kidding; one cup could wreck my day (or night).

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